It’s up to us, says Pasi

By Seia Soloi ,

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Pasi Titania from Leauva’a believes we should all be strong.

Pasi Titania from Leauva’a believes we should all be strong. (Photo: Sei’a Soloi)

Pasi Titania from Leauva’a is a 49 year old mother of four who stays home and looks after her younger children while her husband and some of her children worked to earn money for their family

Mrs Titania’s  only issue is that their house is out of water because of an outstanding fee to paid.

“Even though we have an outstanding fee for our water but my husband and I are trying to sort it out and we want to fix it before it’s too late” she told Village Voice.

“We all know the importance of water in our everyday lives and we can’t do anything if we don’t have water .

‘That’s my only concern now.”

Mrs Titania hoping that she can get a job to help her husband provide for their family.

“Everything in life is all about money” she said“Village and church donations cost us lots of money but we cannot be move away from it because our people are used to it.

Pisa agrees that the cost of living is very expensive because in their family,  only her husband is the breadwinner.

“Families like us we can’t keep up with the high cost of living today.

“And we all know that the Government decides on what they think is right

Pisa believes it’s important for everyone to be strong for their families and children.

“We have lots of things happening not only inside our family but it’s our environment as well.

“But we at least try very hard to provide for our families and children because we know no one else will ever do so.”

“It’s up to us.”

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