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by Paese Bourne


Honesty is showcasing your integrity,

Honesty is inputting your flexibility.

Honesty is needed around these days,

Honesty is defined in so many ways.

Honesty truly is the best policy,

Honesty inspects your personality.


Honesty rocks when you resemble yourself,

Honesty provides wealth to your health.

Honesty is a beaming light bulb in the dark,

Honesty glimmers your soul to that mark.

Honesty allows you to rise above the blues,

Honesty is trustworthiness, inspired by laws and rules.


Honesty begins with you,

Honesty is a declaration of being true to what you do.

Honesty surely broadcasts its dignity,

Honesty shows infinity.

Honesty can flow gently within your soul like a water stream,

Honesty makes you become Christ’s sunbeam.

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