Family goes without water and electricity

By Seia Soloi ,

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BASIC LIVING: Manuia Aneti from Ululoloa.

BASIC LIVING: Manuia Aneti from Ululoloa. (Photo: Sei’a Soloi)

Manuia Aneti, 21, of Ululoloa, lives a tough life.

And it’s easy enough to see why.

“We live without water and electricity,” she told the Village Voice.

Manuia and her family had moved there one year ago.

 “We all know the importance of water and electricity,” she said. 

“It’s tough to live without it.”

Manuia said they couldn’t afford both water and electricity.

Her mother is the only one who works.

Manuia’s job every day is to drop off and pick up the kids from school.

“The truth is my family does not have a lot of money.

“My mother and my older sister are the only ones who work for us.

“But what we really need is water and electricity for my family. The only thing we have to rely on is the plantation.

 “We find it very hard because living without water and electricity is not easy and that is our ultimate goal, to get these things in the future.”

The road also needs fixing and she talked about their struggles with transportation because there is no bus in the area.

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