Sad for champion Ele

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Re: Ele’s treatment is story of Samoa today

Our country’s leadership team has taken advantage of our talented athletes of both genders. Our athletic brothers and sister have always played their hearts out in the name of God, country, and family which is also called Pride. 

Not motivated by financial as other countries do. It is very sad to hear how our leaders are selectively acknowledging only those that meet their own personal expectation of who will give them more attention from a marketing perspective. Yes I agree that if my gold medalist Ele had connection and from a family in a higher status, my gold medalist Ele would be treated as a champion by our country’s leaders. 

I sure hope it’s not because she is a woman, her looks, or any other discriminating reason. It is sad. Appreciate the courage for writing this article. Praying for Ele that she does not feel discouraged because of others choices. Congratulations to you Ele.


Apineru Leah

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