Future generations don’t deserve this

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Dear Editor, 

Re: Why we should all pay foreign debt 

Fai lava sina papa’u o le tofa lea. Tu’utu’u ile loloto le mafaufau. 

We are standing on shoulders of our recent forebears, they on theirs. 

They never intended for later generations to carry the yoke (debt) of their decisions and actions. 

Why should we burden future generations with the stupidity that’s been going on unfettered? 

Samoa has and will always survive by living within its means. 

A government is no different from a family unit. Did your father loan beyond his ability to pay and mortgage away your family assets with a pipe dream of his children and grandchildren paying off his debts? 

I hope this is a simple axample for you.

With China, I won’t go there, suffice to say, China’s covert interest in Samoa, or any Pacific Island nation, is of a larger economic, military, political and strategic importance than you seemed to understand.


Asipau McMoore 

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