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 WELCOME: Deputy Vice Chancellor for Corporate Services at N.U.S, Taito John Roache with the Vice Chancellor Leapai Asofou So’o.

WELCOME: Deputy Vice Chancellor for Corporate Services at N.U.S, Taito John Roache with the Vice Chancellor Leapai Asofou So’o.

The National University of Samoa (N.U.S) has welcomed two new senior staff members.

Taito John Roache has joined the University, as the Deputy Vice Chancellor for Corporate Services while Cheri Moana Robinson has become the new Director for Governance Policy and Planning.

In announcing the appointments, N.U.S Vice Chancellor, Professor Leapai Asofou So’o, said the need for the positions to be filled reflects the demand placed on the University by the growing number of students.

 “It’s all to do with the growth of the university in the last five years or so,” he said. “We have grown from 2,500 to over 3,000. 

It’s also to do with refocusing the emphasis of the university.

”We used to have one Deputy Vice Chancellor. Because of the growth, with it comes a lot more work required to be done so we think that this is the time to re-organise the university so that one Deputy Vice Chancellor focuses on teaching, training and research and so he is called the Deputy Vice Chancellor for Academic and Research.

“We have that Deputy Vice Chancellor on board already so this means the university now has two Deputy Vice Chancellors.

“The other Deputy Vice Chancellor is for the Corporate Services. This person will oversee all the work to support the main focus and existence of the university, which is teaching, training and research.

 “There are also programmes for students who are not quite up there with the level of the courses they want to enroll in and so the Deputy Vice Chancellor will be responsible for all of these.”

Taito said he is very excited about his new position.

 “It is an important role for the university to bring back this position because if we go back to 2006 when the University was merged with the Technical College, there were two positions of the Deputy Vice Chancellor established at that time,” he said.

“But the number of students, staff and buildings were not sufficient enough to warrant the two positions so I think it’s time now that these positions be brought back into the workforce since not only the student population has grown, but the staff as well, and the physical facilities, the premises, the buildings have also more than tripled over the last ten years.

“So a lot of services are needed to look after the assets especially to give the support to the academic staff because without the strong support from the corporate services, the academic staff who are trying to teach the students will not be successful in their own endeavours to deliver their work.

“So my vision in this position is that we will try to do more with less. We don’t always have money to do all things but we always have enough.

“So we should be able to make use of what little money that we have in order to do more with it in order to do more with it and produce more students within the university.”

The new position holders start work at the beginning of February.

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