Aloali’i family reunites

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The younger generation of the Aloali’i clan.

The younger generation of the Aloali’i clan.

Family members of the late Aloali’i Fuimaono and Sailele Fuimaono gathered at Siumu Maninoa beach house last week for their reunion. 

The gathering was guided by the theme “But as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord (Joshua 24:15).” 

The week long reunion brought together four generations of family members from Australia, New Zealand and Arizona as well as those here in Samoa. 

Pastor Ma’anaima Pepa Aloali’i said the reunion was priceless.

 “This is the first time our father and mother Aloali’i and Sailele Fuimaono’s family have met up and my siblings and I saw this as an opportunity to pass down our traditional values and beliefs from our forefathers to our children, grandchildren and great grand children,” he said.

“This was a great way of bringing them back home to share stories of our lives and be with the whole family again after so many years of separation.”

The family gathered each day at the reunion for laughs, stories of struggles and victories, small group performances, morning zumba, swims at the beach and most importantly the constant praising of the Holy Father.

Members of the first generation gave life lessons each night so that all the other generations may learn from their struggles and to motivate them in their future endeavours.

“We are so happy to see that the Christian values which have been passed down from our parents to us are still being carried on by our children and still flows within our family. My brothers and I are all pastors and I am glad to see that some of our children are becoming pastors as well,” Pastor Ma’anaima said. “There is nothing sweeter than seeing our children serving God and carrying on what has been passed down to them”

The next reunion is in 2018, God willing.

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