Why we need an Anti Corruption Tribunal

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Dear Editor,


Re: We repeat: This country needs an Anti 

Corruption Tribunal


I am totally blown away by this piece on two 



1) the Samoa Observer’s balls to bring out these actual complaints and hopefully pursue it to the end for resolution, if not for your paper, to educate the people of Samoa.


2) It’s the reason we need this Anti-Corrpution Tribunal because it’s obvious, nothing is getting done and all we do is expel hot air because those who do the corrupting know, “nothing will be done.” 


They have no shame and feel no shame when it’s brought to light because it’s “business as usual” with their smug confident attitudes they will get away with it.

Let me assist Dr. Salele in making his point for his call of an Anti-Corruption Tribunal. First one would have to look at the Ombudsman office itself and ask what do they actually do and how are the officers/members chosen to their positions….and please anyone, correct me if I’m wrong.

According to the Ombudsman’s own website, they are, “a statutory officer appointed by Parliament to  investigate complaints against Government  Departments and other official agencies. He is  entirely independent of the government of the day.”

My question is, who in Parliament is tasked with the appointment?

Aren’t they part of government? Is the government investigating the government? 

Where is the “independence” in this appointment and “any” unbiased investigative findings? 

And if the majority party in Parliament is the PM’s party, is there any question as to what any outcome of any dispute would be?

What I find interesting is what’s written under the title, “What happens after the Ombudsman investigates your complaint? (again, this is from their website), it says, “if the Ombudsman finds the agency has been at fault in some way, for example, has acted contrary to law or was unreasonable or unjust, the Ombudsman may recommend  that action be taken to remedy the situation. 

If a department will not accept the Ombudsman  may take a report to the Prime Minister and the Parliament.”

Does anyone see the conflict here?

This is not to say, the dedicated people at the Ombudsman’s office aren’t trying their utmost to resolve issues that need attention and scrutiny. 

But a truly independent office with a staff that has absolutely no tie to the government and its leadership will enable an investigation that is equitable, fair, unbiased and free of any possible conflict of interest. 

There should not be any pressure or an appearance of jeopardizing anyone’s job or position.

It should also be noted, it would serve all of Samoa to know they have somewhere to go for an honest and thorough resolution for any and all complaints and free from fear of any retribution for their jobs and well being.

Dr. Salele is spot on with his recommendation of an Independent Anti-Corruption Tribunal. It is mandatory and urgent if we are serious about addressing and prosecuting those who feel entitled and privileged, who abrogate their responsibilities, negating the only reason they’re in government and who they’re suppose to serve and continue to thumb their noses at the people because they feel confident and emboldened by their positions believing they’re above the law.

Push on Dr. Salele and count me in!


Stella M.

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