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Dear Editor,


I response to all these people criticizing the government, would the people prefer it if there were no roads built? 

The roads are there for people to develop themselves. They are needed. 

I do agree that the government should focus more on job opportunities, but that is exactly why the government has pushed so hard for the tourism industry. 

Back in the 1990s, there was no real tourism industry to speak of. 

Now, there are hotels everywhere. With all these hotels and motels and beach sale, Samoans earn money either from running the hotels/motels/beach fale or being employed in a job to do with the tourism industry (whether it is rental cars or taxis or accommodation providers or tourist guides). 

The other thing that was really pushed was the privatisation and deregulation of the telecommunications industry, bringing to Samoa both Digicel and Bluesky. These two big phone companies employ a lot of people. 

The third thing that was pushed was the privatisation of P.W.D in 2002-2003. This created a whole lot of new road construction and engineering companies, who are now fully Samoan-owned businesses that employ Samoans. 

The 4th thing that was pushed was the foreign investment. This is controversial because it has brought in quite a lot of Chinese businesses to Samoa and people like Moe Lei Sam are not happy about it. 

However, these businesses employ Samoans and the competition drives prices down for Samoan people. 

However, with more competition, businesses get better. There are so many supermarkets in Samoa these days compared to the 1980s. These big supermarkets employ many Samoans. 

There have been other things like the establishment of new companies and new brands - e.g.: Taxi soft drinks, Taula and Sama beer, Niu Voka, Burger Bills. However, I do agree that much more needs to be done for jobs for all those graduates pouring out of N.U.S every year.


PS Jeffrey 

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