Parliament reconvenes today at Tuana’imato

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Parliament will reconvene today at Tuana’imato.

Two government bills will be considered in detail. They are:

• Citizenship Amendment Bill 2016

• Bankruptcy Amendment Bill 2016

As Parliament is in session, the 4th Parliamentary Youth Programme will be held from the 23-24 August, 2016 at Tuanaimato to coincide with sitting.  The youth programme is part of O.C.L.A.’s engagement programme which enables youth to learn about parliament and encourage participation and engagement in the law making process. 

Eighty youth from various youth groups will participate in this year’s programme, where participants will have the opportunity to observe Parliament in session and learn about the functions of Parliament and their expected contributions to parliamentary democracy. 

The programme will culminate in a Mock Parliament where all participants will engage in discussions.

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