Mother says her family can do with some water help

By Nefertiti Matatia ,

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IN NEED OF WATER: Akata Neufeldt’s Home in Falefa.

IN NEED OF WATER: Akata Neufeldt’s Home in Falefa. (Photo: Nefertiti Matatia)

The family of Akata Neufeldt from Falefa is coping well despite the hardship and struggles of today.

But the 31-year-old mother says her family can do with some help for their water supply.

The family recently relocated inland.

The mother of two says they have already paid for their electricity connection and they are waiting for the Electric Power Corporation team.

“We just need help with our water,” she said. 

 “We haven’t fixed our tap water yet. We will get electricity soon but at the moment, we just need some pipes so we can receive water supply.

“We just moved here four months ago to make use of our family land, but our other house where we used to live is just down the road.

“That is where we do our washing and get water from to do the cleaning.” 

Akata Neufeldt seeks help for a water tank.
Akata Neufeldt seeks help for a water tank.

Mrs. Neufeldt said she was unemployed and only her husband worked to support their family.

“My husband works at the wharf at Matautu. He gets paid weekly and we get enough because it’s a small family, there are not many of us and the kids don’t eat that much either.

“The only time we would have problems with money is when my husband needs bus fare to go to work and return home,” she added.

She says only her eldest child attends school. In terms of her children’s welfare, Mrs. Neufeldt says they are doing really well.

“We have enough ripe bananas that grow on our land and also the plantation is available, having sardines for dinner is satisfying and also with school resuming, there is only one child who we will need to be put through school.”

The only problem they have and need help with is water.

Anyone who is eager to help Mrs. Neufeldt’s family can contact the number 7671486.

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