No movement in economy for Samoa

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Dear Editor

Re: Government urged to stay in their lane

I hope so.

He is doing nothing to move his country ahead.

I like to compare Fiji and Samoa because they have similar colonial pasts, yet Fiji is exporting raw sugar and refined petroleum and has a decent trade balance despite still being dependant on aid.

Samoa has nothing to show for 30 years of H.R.P.P. except some small exports in wire and beer and a huge imbalance.

Pedro, aka Samoa’s Kelly-Ann Conway, aka PS Jeffrey likes to harp on and on about Bainimarama being a dictator while failing to address the reality that with rigged elections, remnants of colonial rule within the Samoan constitution, and no accountability, that Samoa is run by a dictator too.

At least the one in Fiji is moving the economy forward at least 50 places ahead of Samoa in half the time.

Wendy in wonder

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