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Dear Editor,


Re: All that glitters is not gold

I have much respect for you Savea Sano Malifa, for telling the rest of the story. 

The other half of the story the PM conveniently left out when he makes threatening statements, “we don’t want to go back to......” I can totally understand why. And why he doesn’t mention Mr. Hutchinson.

It’s the real history that many young Samoans, maybe even older ones, don’t know or have forgotten. This story needs to be repeated and reminded until after the election.

It’s a true story of political maneuvering and the birth of the H.R.P.P. stronghold, politically, in Samoa. It’s the history that has to be taught in schools as part of its history.

I will have to disagree with you slightly when you say, it’s Tuilaepa’s job to address and pluck corruption out one way or another. It will never happen. Remember, this is the man who denies poverty exist in Samoa. It’s so telling, it’s the mentality of a blind fool. He needs to take walks around Samoa instead of being driven around. In addition to the much-needed exercise, he’ll get a good look at the “real” Samoa.

Tuilaepa’s too comfortable. 

I’m not saying he needs to live in a “fale o’o”, but the comfortable life he enjoys is the result of the sacrifices made by Samoans.

The man is blind to corruption, like poverty, it doesn’t exist!

He has no qualms making insensitivity, hateful and despicable statements when he talks about the poor of Samoa....le ma!

With all the money given to Samoa, primary education should be compulsory and free! This should assist, somewhat, in keeping these kids off the streets.

There has to be a way to assist these poor families with the basics, food, clothing and a roof over their heads. I read a suggestion proposed by one of the candidates, $1,000 for every family. A great idea, but the money has to come from somewhere. Let me make a few constructive suggestions....

1)......slash the perks for ALL government employees...the P.M. and the three people who are essential to him and government will receive government paid vehicle. All others will use their own vehicle with no fuel or maintenance stipends.

2)......shut off the air conditioning in ALL government buildings. Have them use their Samoan made “ili” in addition to opening their windows. This will be done only until ALL the POVERTY in Samoa is non-existent.

3)......put a moratorium on all non-essential government travels. Those who want to travel, travel on their own penny.

4).....non-essential departments should be dismantled and done away with. It’s a waste of money to maintain the offices, salary and healthcare.

The savings should be applied to assist those families who are in dire need of assistance. These families can easily be identified by the appropriate ministry (ies) tasked to care for them.

Again, kudos to you Mr. Malifa for filling in the blanks that were intentionally left out by the P.M. You need to speak up more often!


Stella M.


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