Everyday people and a true leader

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Dear Editor,


Really enjoying catching up on news here on holiday in beautiful Samoa.

I’ve always thought Samoa and its huge potential is in need of a true leader. 

Not just someone who’s in power, but someone who empowers people.

Someone who builds on our fantastic talent, inspiring self confidence and positivity. Someone who makes sure access to good education is a priority not just for the government, but for families and local communities. 

Someone who enables the best environment for enterprise and the tools and mentoring to start up, grow, and create jobs. 

Someone who values, but doesn’t misuse our steadfast traditions and faith as weapons.

Most of all, a good leader knows it’s not the government that makes a great nation, but the success of everyday people.

I’m not sure we’ve come across this leader in the current elections. 

But when we finally do, it will be wonderful for Samoa.

On another note, looking forward to the Rumble in Paradise! 

Go Parker!


Melanie Tuala 


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