Impact of colonial mismanagement

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Dear Editor,

Re: Hypocrisy at its worst 

There is no hypocrisy,

The letter from E.R.C contains misleading statements not supported by facts or even logic.

For a start, there are different groups of Samoans who leave this island paradise in search of better opportunities elsewhere. 

Only a small percentage of them can afford to send money back to Samoa. If e.r.c. were to critically examine the statistics, he/she will find that a significant proportion of these migrants’ earnings actually stay in the country of destination. Consider how the migrants’ earnings are typically spent – taxes, rent, food, transportation, etc, etc. 

Unless you earn megabucks or a Houdini with your financial management, an ordinary migrant from these islands can barely afford to send money back. Most of the money earned is spent on the local economy.

If you are talking specifically about the seasonal workers, your argument still does not hold true. 

These workers have to pay off their airfares and other administrative costs on top of the other expenses mentioned above before they have the money to send back. Again most of these expenses are to support the local economies where the fruit farms are.

A small amount do make its way back here.

I don’t understand where the hypocrisy comes from in these economic arrangements.

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