The greed of some parents

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Dear Editor,

Re: Stop exploiting our children 

The saddest part of this story is parents have become pimps. 

It is my point of view that these parents are no longer just parents during these so-called special events. They have become pimps by making their children sell goods throughout the week of these events.

These parents have convinced themselves that as long as they can stand in the corner and watch them, no harm will come to them. Just like a pimp does with his so called hookers. They stand at the corner and monitor how many Johns each girl takes in for the night.

My sincere apologies if anybody is offended by my analogy of the situation but as a parent, this is becoming the norm. 

There was a story about a young girl who was practically sold for sex by her mother. I am hoping we don’t read anymore of these kinds of stories. 

I fear that these street vendors will be pushed by their parents to earn more to satisfy whatever the parents want. The greed of some of these parents will eventually push these children to greater risks and it will push parents to sell their kids for sex.

I pray for the Safety of our children and a better future for our Samoa.


T. Leone 

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