Family up against the odds

By Nefertiti Matatia ,

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NEEDS HELP: Sei Ulufale’s home at Falelauniu, the house that she has been living in for 10 years now.

NEEDS HELP: Sei Ulufale’s home at Falelauniu, the house that she has been living in for 10 years now.

There are many challenges in life for Sei Ulufale.

The unemployed mother of four from Falelauniu lives in a rundown shack and is struggling financially.

Speaking to the Village Voice team, she says the welfare of her children is the reason they have relocated from Falealili to Falelauniu. 

They are searching for better opportunities and poverty has taken a toll on them.

For 10 years they have lived on the Methodist Church property in Falelauniu.

“Life here for us is hard. Nowadays when people do not work, they will struggle in life and they have nothing to eat.”

“My husband is the only person who works and he just got paid recently and all the money that he had was used to pay for our purchase on credit from the shop.”

“The reason we purchase food on credit is because we need food for my children and also the little things that we need around the house,” said the 27-year-old.

She added that they cannot have a plantation because the land that they live on does not belong to them. They still need to pay more than $10 every month.

“I am the one who stays home and look after the house. I have two children who attend school.”

“Through our struggles, I hope that this will motivate my children to do well in school.”

Mrs. Ulufale also spoke on the condition of their house.

“When it rains heavily then that is when the roof would not be able to keep the rain out. We have been waiting to buy new iron roofing but the problem is we don’t have any money.”

“Everything is about money to progress in something, but sadly we don’t have enough or any extra money.”

“As you can see, we are using the iron roofing to form a fence around our house.”

“We just live within our means and as long as my children are eating, then I would have nothing to worry about. As a parent we always look out for our children and prioritise them.”

For anyone willing to help Mrs. Ulufale’s family, contact the number 7724979.

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