A humble request for a job

By Aruna Lolani and Fetalai Tuilulu’u ,

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Tafu Siani from the village of Nu’u.

Tafu Siani from the village of Nu’u. (Photo: Misiona Simo)

Being a woman is hard; becoming a mother is harder.

That is the opinion of Tafu Siani, when Village Voice caught up with her while she was cutting the grass in front of her house yesterday.

Aged 33, from the village of Nu’u, Tafu Siani spoke about her role as a mother.

“I have three children and one of my main responsibilities every day is taking them to school.

“We have a small family, just me, my husband and our children.

Mrs. Siani said that before she had a family of her own, she used to work at Frankie’s Supermarket. 

“I used to work but when I settled down with my husband and had our first child, I decided to stay home and look after my baby boy.

“My husband works and he’s the only source of income for this family.

“It’s enough money to live by every day but I still want a job of my own because I don’t want to sit around and not doing anything to help in the development of my family.

“I mean we all know that life goes on, and family obligations, children’s schools and other contributions are on our shoulders every single day so we can’t just have one person work for the family.

“I’m a mother and I care not only for my children but also about how hard it is for my husband to work for this family alone, which is why I’m still looking for a job.

“You know, if you wish so much for a better life for your family, I think whatever work you get or given, either it’s a man’s job or anything, just do it. 

Mrs. Siani said that everything is running smoothly in her family but the only thing she needs is a job. She’s currently looking for one and so far, she hasn’t received any calls yet.

Samoa, if you want to help out Mrs.Siani with her situation or offer her a job, please contact her through number 7227879.

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