About that health warning

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Dear Editor,

Re: Health warning issued

I’ve just looked up the disease with no name that the Ministry of Health had warned the public about. The disease is called leptospirosis and weils disease. 

In most people they get flu like symptoms for a few days and make a full recovery. It is easily treated with antibiotics. 

Rarely is it fatal unless someone has a compromised immune system. 

What is all the death scare about? 

Seems like a bit of an over reaction to me. 

Unless of course the government still hasn’t paid their bill for the antibiotics the hospital needed before or maybe the antibiotics are still sitting at the wharf and what they are really worried about is not having the antibiotics that would easily cure this disease because of their own negligence.

 This sounds more like it to me. 

The government is afraid of people dying from a simple disease that antibiotics would most surely cure.


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