Be transparent and do your job

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Dear Editor

Re: Ghostwriters and the priorities for P.M. Tuilaepa’s administration

I concur and agree wholeheartedly on this article! 

Why waste time on a ‘ghost?’ Do your job you have been voted in to do! 

Be transparent and accountable for all the monies given to the Government. Don’t live up to the expectations of what people outside of Samoa, think of some locals! 

That is, island style, island time with a very, very relaxed island mentality of tomorrow will do! 

No, do it today Stui and get your Government working and earning their salaries and start running the country properly and honestly (it may somewhat be too late?) or someone else will...sooner rather than later, for the sake and well being of all those Samoan’s suffering at the hands of an ineffective Government!


Iona Tusa 

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