Samoa - last holdout

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Dear Sir


I agree with you that the power in social media lies in being able to connect like-minded people. 

Snowden is one of my heroes and like Mandela, he will eventually be free again. The Asian Development Bank in my opinion has no more reason to be trusted than the I.M.F. or the World Bank. 

They all come from the same ideological roots that hold private property rights as the highest value in the world over human rights. 

This is the flaw in the global system. It creates a world of inequality between two groups: a world of landowners with power and non-landowners who are powerless. The end result is a small group of global property landowners and monarchists with all the power and resources and huge groups of people who become powerless slaves. Samoans are really one of the last holdouts to this global, liberal, economic destroyer of human lives. 

Samoa’s customary land tradition is a model for every person in the world to fight for.


Wendy W

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