Time to teach them a lesson

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Dear Editor,

Nikolao thought about the apathy in Samoa and realised that the answer was in plain view. When Samoa had been threatened by war in the past it was the aumaga the young men who had been vigorous to defend the ancestors and the unborn.

It was time for the birth of The Samoan Panthers,

Motto - For the Ancestors, for the Unborn, for Justice

As there was no official membership nobody could track them through a list

Like Zorro they could strike fear into the hearts of evildoers.

You knew you were a panther nobody but other panthers would know.

You could put up a vid on YouTube with your Panther name and wear a black mask and say whatever you liked.

Criminals had hijacked Samoa’s government but-IN brightest day, in blackest night HRPP fear the Panther’s might.

Nikolao decided to call himself Samoan Panther Alpha.

He issued an invitation for Samoan Youth to start posting but hide their panther masks well.

Tuilaepa had declared war on Samoa and the Panthers would teach him a lesson.


Maua Faleauto 

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