I’ve concluded that the author is confused

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Dear Editor,

Hello Mrs. R.K, I’m reading through your letter and am trying to comprehend it.

I concluded that the author of this letter is a little bit confused and mad at the world.

 If you were writing this letter back in 1829, then I totally agree with you. Yes that’s before the palagi arrived. Back then, there were no pusa pisupo, pusa elegi, or a whole povi for a sua or an envelope for a faifeau or any of that sort. 

Today we use those instead of manufata, apa igu to replace the real coconut are some of the changes to the faasamoa. 

So as you can see Mrs RK, the faasamoa is slowly evolving just like any other culture in the world. That was real Samoan then.

A few years ago, only the matais voted for their constituencies. 

Now if you are over 21 years old, you can gladly put your vote in. You show me a picture of a Samoan eating a cookie made of dirt like they do in the country of Haiti, then I’ll say you are correct about poverty (Check it out on You Tube). 

I am a 100% born and raised Samoan and by no way bringing out these points trying to belittle my culture. 

You mentioned “Corruption within the ministry of police has to be managed using a holistic and proven change management approach. I don’t expect the Commissioner to understand as it’s probably not his area of expertise”. 

Let me enlightened you Mrs RK, he holds two degrees in Criminal Justice and Law Enforcement from Hawaii and the United States of America. 

Mr. Keil worked for the United States Police (L.A.P.D) for almost 20 years. He is trying to align our little country’s Police Force with the rest of the world. He don’t want to go down like the last Commissioner. 

As far as you calling Samoans overseas  “Plastic Samoans”, I’ll take that as a complement but not as an insult. 

You are probably the first one to pick up the phone and call those residents overseas. “Could you go to the Western Union and slide that PLASTIC Samoan card and send me some money for a faalavalave please.” 

For your information, every year the government come out with the report saying this is how many millions the tourists bring in this year. Guess where most of that foreign Currency comes from? From your Plastic Samoans overseas. You have a happy new 2016 Mrs. RK.



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