Elections and the true meaning of tautua

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Dear Editor,


I like the letter about Matafeo Dan Aiafi and Tuala Ponifasio. It raises some very good questions about the former C.E.O of M.E.S.C and another candidate who I do not know much about. 

I see a lot of candidates saying that they want to focus on health, education and village development. Very admirable BUT what about those areas? What changes are needed in education? What needs to be improved in the health sector? What about village development? 

There is so much vagueness in the many arguments put forward by hopefuls to convince voters to give them that ‘tick’. 

I wonder though, how many of these new candidates have actually been to their districts over the years? Or are they the typical Apia dweller are now magically aware of what is needed in their district and Samoa as a whole? 

How many of these candidates have been to a village fono? Given their dues for the monotaga? Helped their district? 

We have some who I know personally. Some of them I admire because they’ve been around their districts since they were in school and who have and continue to serve their districts. 

People like Toesulusulu Schuster, Afualo Salele, Taefu Lemi, Agafili Eteuati, and others. I know these men have always been involved with the development of their villages and districts. 

Although some of the newbies running are worrying me, I must say some other newbies are very much deserving of a seat. You have the likes of Afoa Uelese, Fuimaono Wright, Faumuina Fong, Fata Meafou, Pauli Williams, and others who are running. People who have actually served their respective districts.

I am also very interested in the high number of women now contesting for seats in Parliament. Some of these women are always seen in the newspaper and on the news but have they actually served their districts? 

Do they even understand the meaning of the word tautua? Ailoga! Some are running on the back of their fathers/mothers who were once members of parliament. 

These legacy runners should be mindful because that legacy does not mean you have what it takes to run. It is sad because these people (men and women) are only running for their own benefit and to remain in the papers. Ha! Stop kidding yourself.

In the end I hope our Government post 2016 elections will help develop everyone regardless of status in society.


Xi Lee Samoa

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