Family: Do they really love us?

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Dear Editor,


As a teenager I was taught that alcohol can kill you, but never quite understood how.

Fast forward 25 years later, I do now. It’s easy for me to understand now when the doctor told me that my livers are wasted as a result of drugs abuse and alcohol. 

I am now a recovering alcoholic; I relapsed once or twice within three years and the main reason for that are the people around me. 

I blamed me for putting myself in that situation and also the people around me who had offered no help but another drink. The longest I went without a drink was two and half years and then relapsed again. I’ve been sober for nine months now, and it’s not an easy road, especially when you get offered a drink every now and then. 

I tried to stay away from places that will trigger me to drink again, and people that will always be there to offer me a drink. I changed my life styles and attitudes towards life, I even changed my religion, and the people I relied the most to support me on my journey of sobriety are doing a very good job of getting me back to my old habits and getting me drunk again. 

I thought people should be happy when you quit drinking; I thought they should be supportive and congratulate you in your effort to be a good citizen. 

I thought they won’t mock you and make fun of your ability to withstand the urge for a drink. 

I thought they won’t try and make you feel guilty about not socializing with them or taking part in their Sunday afternoon drinking routine. I thought they should love and care for your well-being. My family. 

I guess it’s just a thought. 

I now believe that families are not as good to us as we believe they are. 

They can be our worst enemy, they always reminded me how fun I was when I’m drunk, they retold stories of how I fell on my face because I was high, and how I missed work the next day because of a hangover. 

But that’s not what they are reminding me…they are reminding me of how foolish and stupid I was, they are reminding me how low and unhealthy my life was. 

Be careful of your own family.

Thank you. 



Recovering Alcoholic

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