62-year-old begs for fare to go to Savai’i

By Sarafina Sanerivi ,

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HELP ME GET TO SAVAI'I: Sui Sao on the hot streets of Apia.

HELP ME GET TO SAVAI'I: Sui Sao on the hot streets of Apia.

With Christmas only a few days away, the only thing most of us want to do is to spend time with families and be with the people we love.

When it comes to this, we will do anything just to be with the people we love.

That was precisely the case for 62-year-old Sui Sao from the village of Sapapalii.

He was spotted on the streets of Apia asking random people on the streets for money.

Asked why he was doing that, Sui said he was trying to look for money for his fare back to Savai’i.

“I am from Savaii, but I have been staying here in Apia for two weeks now,” he said. 

“I was hospitalized because of my leg. So I am here trying to find some money for my fare because I want to go back to Savai’i.”

Sui said he already asked his children to send him money for his fare. 

But he couldn’t wait for them to send it so this was why he was asking others around town for money.

 “I called them to bring me some money for my fare,” he said. 

“I have been here since morning and some people have given me money already but it’s not enough for my fare.

“I don’t have family here in Apia but my sister’s children took care of me at the hospital. I have been here for too long and I want to go to Savai’i on Saturday and spend Sunday there with my family and children.”

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