Scrutinising, analyising gender statistics in Samoa

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CEO ministry of women Naea Beth Onesemo

CEO ministry of women Naea Beth Onesemo

Staff from the Ministry of Women, Community and Social Development and the Samoa Bureau of Statistics along with national gender equality focal points across government are meeting this week to explore the use of gender statistics from international, regional and national monitoring frameworks and how to present and analyse gender statistics for informed decision making. 

Organised by the government of Samoa in collaboration with the Pacific Community (S.P.C), the workshop will review and discuss a range of gender statistics for potential use monitoring national policies and programmes as well as decision-making. 

The workshop is to develop the Samoa Gender Statistics Framework and agree on the mechanisms for the regular updating of the statistical information used in the framework. 

This information will be shared across government for use in annual reporting.      

The workshop objective is to strengthen capacity for evidence based reporting of progress towards gender equality and the empowerment of women. 

Broadly, the training is to improve the capacity of participants to identify statistics relevant for policy monitoring, compile statistical indicators, and analyse and interpret the statistics with a focus on evidence-based reporting.  

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