The Jandal Leader

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Lusi McCabe

I am a Jandal Leader

Flexible yet durable

Footpath of freedom

Yet sometimes imprisoned

Fighting the good fight


Envied by few

Yet role model to many …


A disciplined ttool

Yet a tool of love and guidance


I am a protector!


Caucasian, ginger hair with freckles: Oh I bet you wave your Scottish flag proudly …

Yet, a surprise in person


A melting pot of mixed views! Perceptions … Yes, we all have them


A living and breathing statement

‘Footprints in the sand’

Walked a thousand miles

Walk another thousand more

To ensure a legacy and values instilled are left for those loved ones…


The Mata Searjo

My strength in life!

Tough as leather

Yet durable as a son, mate, bro, dox USO


I see the sould of past brown faces

In higher places

The design and road map

For future ‘cheeky darkies’

Spiritual and sporting fields of dreams

You see me

Business places admire the integrity and value I’ve created

Yet I am the humble,

Yet hungry jandal


Getting comfortable in the uncomfortable

By walking the less often trod path

Walking the talk as a Jandal Leader 

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