It’s not much but it’s home for father of six

By Aruna Lolani and Seia Soloi ,

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CALL FOR HELP: Joe Isaako from Malie.

CALL FOR HELP: Joe Isaako from Malie. (Photo: Aruna Lolani)

Joe Isaako of Malie needs your help.

The 30-year-old spoke to the Village Voice yesterday about how hard it is to try and save up for a new home.

Isaako works and he’s a father to six children who are still young. While he does his best, it’s never enough. Their house tells a story.

“We have a hard time in our home when bad weather strikes,” he says to the Village Voice.

“I have six kids and my wife and I try our best to make this house a comfortable home for them.”

“I know I have a job but my job can’t afford to help me in renewing our home.”

“I still work though because I don’t want my family or my children to depend on others.”

 Mr. Isaako went on to say “there are too many things that I need to renew for our home but money talks, as always.”

“But I have other things to care about first; my five children in school and my youngest who is still a baby, the water bills and electricity.”

 “So how can I save when I have other things that I need to prioritize?”

“It’s difficult. My job is not a job where you have money to spend and money to save; it all goes to what we need for the family. My children, especially.”

“When my pay is not enough to cover everything, I sometimes rely on my N.P.F. money.”

“That’s why I really need help with my home situation; I need it to be safe and comfortable for my children, especially my daughters.”

“Heavy rainfall is good for other people but not for us because of how our house is.”

“We can’t go anywhere else because this is our land, well our only land.”

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