The future is at Falelauniu

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Dear Editor,

Re: An elderly mother’s plea

I understand the old lady’s attachment to the land because it is the land of her ancestors. However, Sogi is at its heart - a swamp. 

You cannot base your family’s future on a swamp. Falelauniu is productive land and the soils up at Falelauniu are far superior. 

The whole urban sprawl of Apia is heading directly towards Falelauniu. Therefore, in the future, there will be schools and more roads and more development (e.g.: more companies locating there). 

Also, the conditions at Sogi are only going to get worse once the huge wharf at Vaiusu is built. The future is Falelauniu. Relocating is not new for Samoans. 

The villages of Salamumu and Leauva’a are testament to this.


PS Jeffrey 

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