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Re: Idle customary lands 

I give this empty shell of a brain, Mr. Jeffery, the thumbs up for continuing the educational dialog of L.T.R.A. 2008. 

Not for him, he is beyond help, but for tons of astute readers willing to use the wise and knowledgeable discussions, provided in here, from men and women who argue with professional standards from evidences and documented facts.

Additionally, the more Jeffery reveals his brain contents, the better it is for Samoa to know and understand the workings of mental illness among his kind of Samoan.

Akigi apa pao vale. 

This is the same illness suffered by Jeffrey’s bosses running the country’s affairs, hence the mental illness Dictatorship which created and supported L.T.R.A. 2008. 


Asipau McMoore 

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