Digicel brings Parker to their customers

By Maddison Clarey ,

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AUTOGRAPH TIME: Lupesoliai Joseph Parker makes time at Digicel to sign autographs and take photos with some of his fans.

AUTOGRAPH TIME: Lupesoliai Joseph Parker makes time at Digicel to sign autographs and take photos with some of his fans.

Tickets are flying out the door for the Rumble in Paradise on Saturday night and you might be hard-pressed to find a General Admission ticket later today.

Digicel Head of Corporate Affairs, Leaupepe Talai Lene, said the tickets have been selling fast and anticipates they will be sold out by this afternoon.

“Like everything else here, it has been last minute,” he told the Samoa Observer yesterday.

“This week it’s been hot, everyone’s been calling, asking where do I get tickets?" 

“It’s been on sale since December, but now everybody this week has been calling in, I heard all the corporate tables are gone so it’s just the general tickets now that everyone’s rushing to buy.”

General admission tickets are selling for $50.

“I anticipate by the end of today (yesterday) or even tomorrow they’ll be all gone, I can’t imagine anyone finding any tickets by Friday. Everyone has been trying to get their hands on them.”

Leaupepe was among Digicel officials present during a signing session with Lupesoliai Joseph Parker outside their main Apia store, with crowds of Parker fans lining up for photos and autographs, with one big fan presenting a work of art he had created of the star boxer.

“This is our way of bringing our customers to come in and letting them meet Joseph Parker,” Leaupepe said.  

“Not everybody is going to be able to attend the fight, but thankfully I heard it’s going to be broadcasted, but it's one thing watching it on TV and actually getting to see Joseph in person and getting to shake his hand and take a photo so I think that’s where the real excitement is.”

Digicel is excited to be a part of such a big event for Samoa.

“To us, associating our brand to a Samoan icon that all the young kids aspire to, it’s a positive for us. And you know Joseph has done well with what he’s done in New Zealand and all around the world and for him to actually bring this here to Samoa is a positive in terms of there’s a lot of young kids out there who might just aspire to take up boxing as a sport.”

Digicel is looking forward to working with Duco Events in the future to support both companies goal to have more large sporting events hosted in Samoa.

“We are working together with Duco Events and all the other sponsors to make sure that wherever Joseph goes we’ve got our brand out there.”

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