‘Plastic Samoans’ is such a demeaning term

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Dear Editor,

I write with regards to a letter by R.K. titled “Why the negativity on our Samoan culture.” 

R.K., small minds attack the individual. Great minds discuss development. 

Plastic Samoan is a demeaning term. For your information there is no such thing as a ‘real Samoan’, a term you used to call yourself. So you are a ‘real’ Samoan because you live or know the culture? Small minds advertise what they think they know, great minds remain modest in approach. 

Your definition of a real Samoan is very limited. 

A real Samoan does not have to be born in Samoa, nor of Samoan heritage. One only has to identify as a Samoan to be a real Samoan. 

How many foreigners make Samoa their homes and contribute a lot more in terms of business and development for Samoa than those that were born and live in Samoa without resources? 

These foreigners are true Samoans just like you a ‘real Samoan’. 

So stop the racist connotations. 

Knowing your culture does not make you a real Samoan. The culture of the last 30yrs is not the same with the hybrid culture of today. 

That is a fact. Some chief councils meet sitting on chairs. 

Does that make them plastic Samoans according to you? 

Let us live in a welcoming culture not advocate for a racist society.




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