Somebody act now please

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Dear Editor,

Re: Young boy provides for his family 

Don’t we have a law against children not in school? 

Can the parents be held accountable for making their children work instead of them working? 

So many developments back home which I am so proud of, so many beautiful homes, so many beautiful buildings, etc etc but no one, no business, no government agency, no village council, no matais, no church with all their alofas and contributions, want to step up to do something about this? 

What is our “smart” Prime Minister’s action plan or does this matter even count to be in his agenda of things to correct/fix? 

We need to get those children in school. We need to put in as much effort in getting those children in schools as much as the children that are already in schools. 

Or send them to American Samoa where kids go to school for free, free lunch and free bus rides? 

Kele kou kala ia Amelika Samoa but you see no kid on the street selling and begging because police will lock their parents up. 

I beg of you Samoa.....someone listen....someone act now before it’s too late for those poor children.



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