Stop demeaning women

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Dear Editor,

Re: I cannot believe you, Mr. P.M.!

I agree with you Stella. When I first read the article and heard what the P.M. said about the children that sell goods I was sickened just like you. 

After my initial revulsion to his words I noticed that the P.M. particularly singled out mothers to blame. 

This is so typical of the P.M.

Did you not get the image that the P.M's mind is filled with images of evil mothers lurking in the shadows trying to entice their children to do bad things with sticky, melting ice cream, for a small reward of her getting two tala? 

This statement in itself is ridiculous for two reasons, first, the ice cream costs more than the two tala the child earns while not in school and second, what does she gain by exploiting her children? 

Now, I don't know all mothers but I know a lot of mothers and as a mother myself, like most mothers, my wish for my children is for them to be happy, fulfilled, successful, people, and to have the best life that I and an education can provide them. 

I would sacrifice my own needs for my children to reach their full potential and I don't think I’m that unusual as a mother. Where are these evil, self-centered mothers that the P.M. is talking about? 

I think they mostly exist in his own mind and that is tragic for the P.M. It seems he needs to create these imaginary women so he can continue to ignore his responsibility to help mothers with their children's education. 

In a democracy a leader is elected to serve the people, and it’s time the P.M. started serving mothers better by dealing with women's poverty so they are better able to access education for their children. 

If the P.M. cares about violence against women in Samoa, he needs to be careful about what he thinks and says about women so not to perpetuate violence against them. 

He needs to immediately stop blaming women and mothers for the social problems in Samoa and start doing what is his responsibility to care for women. Women are the main foundation of any society. 

Empowered women will only make a society stronger; too bad this well documented fact seems lost on him. 

He should stop referring to children as pigs and women as snots.


Wendy Wonder

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