Give him time to make a difference

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Let me see where to start. The Commissioner was put in to stop those who were doing what they wanted, not what would make a Samoan proud of his countries police.

You say maybe he is not perfect for the job. 

Sounds like you have the Democrats from America over there. He was put in to stop your police force from doing the same old thing. If the old way of doing things, set up the perfect atmosphere for some in the police force, to do wrong. Maybe you shouldn’t expect things to remain the same. 

Change ruffles feathers. I know Egon and I really believe he is determined to make a difference. I am sure many don’t like the changes, because it’s not the way they think it should be done. This is just one opinion of somebody who remains nameless. 

With the rubbish he has been put through since taking the Job. I was surprised he was able to stick with the job. I doubt I could have. Give the man a chance. 

You aren’t in the position, so?! 

Complaining about the what ifs and saying I think, mean nothing and don’t help anyone. When and if he makes mistakes, give him time to make a change. 

We all know only one man walked this Earth and was perfect. 

We all know that those who seek to follow Christ, try, but fail too often. But the difference is in the heart, too keep trying to do better. 

Whether in a job or in life. I do believe Egon’s heart, is to do his best.


Frankie D.

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