We need to make a choice

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Dear Editor

Re: Greed poisons the mind, destroys great intention 

It is true that greed poisons the mind but we as a Samoan culture and country have allowed this mental disease to fester within our systems.

Politicians are clever human beings and will take advantage and manipulate any system for their own benefit.

Our matai/government system has allowed the P.M. to get in without a single vote. Our matai/government system has allowed the H.R.P.P. to take control of all the money in Samoa.

The H.R.P.P has manipulated the government system to put in all those close to them and allowed them free reign to all money belonging to all Samoans. 

My question to every Samoan is: Is this right? Think deeply about it.

Will we eventually be affected by this twisted matai/government system?

Before the Mau Movement Samoa operated only on a matai system which worked well for most Samoans. 

Now we have a mixture of a Samoa and palagi system.

And because only a very few people understand this palagi system (government) they take advantage of it for their own benefit.

It is time for all Samoans get involved and fix this mixture of matai/ government system for the benefit of all Samoans in the future.

We either get rid of the government system which has benefited only a few people and go back to the matai system. Or we tweak the current system and make everyone understand and benefit from it.


Siaosi Siomia

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