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Dear Editor

Re: How Indonesia can help Samoa  

Whilst I am ambivalent on the West Papua issue, this is simply a clear and barely disguised Indonesian attempt to bribe the Samoan government to remain silent on West Papua. Indonesia has already split the Melanesian spearhead group in a similar way.

The end result is that Fiji and PNG support Indonesia on West Papua.

People could say, well China does the same thing, what is the difference? 

I would counter that by saying that China’s interest remains on maintaining the one China policy (as opposed to recognising Taiwan). 

That is their number one thing when supporting Samoan and Pacific island states with aid. It is harmless to Samoa’s interests.

As for Indonesia, the West Papua issue really does have some concern for the Pacific and Samoa should maintain a distance from Indonesia so that it can be free to assess it’s own position now and in the future.


PS Jeffrey

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