Never too young to create your future

By Aruna Lolani ,

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BUILDING A BETTER FUTURE: Tino Pa’a from Faleasiu Tai.

BUILDING A BETTER FUTURE: Tino Pa’a from Faleasiu Tai. (Photo: Aruna Lolani)

Don’t ever doubt your capabilities and your strengths. 

Just believe that everything you want is possible for you.

That is how Tino Pa’a of Faleasiu-Tai plans to start a new with his life.

We met the 21 year old as he was carrying a huge log yesterday, it was to be used as a pole for his Samoan fale.

“We have a lot of people in the family at the moment so I just wanted to start building my own small place,” he said to the Village Voice.

Tino has had some experience in building houses because he has previously worked as a carpenter.

“It was more of a contractual job for this other man but at the moment, I don’t have any work because he has left to go overseas for a while.”

“So I’m currently working on a lot of things that I know will be a good contribution for a better future for me.”

“I’m also working in our plantation and helping out the family doing chores every day.”

“But honestly, I want to get a stable job so I can make some money for myself and my family.”

Tino said he has five other siblings and he’s the eldest.

“Finding a job is important because I want to be the big brother who my siblings can look up to.”

“I’m good at carpentry work, I’m good at farming, and I know I can be good with any work I am given.”

“For me, it doesn’t matter what job I’m going to get as long as I can support myself.”

“This life is moving forward fast and if I want to do something good with my time then I need to have a job that I can stick with forever.”

“Another reason why I want to get a stable job is because I only have one brother who’s working for the whole family and to tell you the truth, my family is not a small one because it is an extended family.”

“We will see how it goes when I’m done with building this house.”

“You know, I understand that nothing good in this world happens just like that, so hopefully everything will fall into place one day.”

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