The difference between free and hate speech

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Dear Editor,

Re: Standing up for Folau 

No Fili, when someone of his stature stands up and pontificates on the sinfulness of an alternative lifestyle of an already marginalized group of people, it is hate speech not free speech as all the Christians who also hate people who live an alternative lifestyle are arguing is his right. 

He stood there behind his Bible, a book that has no evidence to even support that it was written by people living in caves, with less scientific knowledge than a modern day Afghani cleric, and made a mean spirited comment and judgment on a group of people. 

Then his stupid wife chimes in with her own hate rant of agreement and New Zealand support of her husband’s ignorance. There is a fine line between hate and free speech and they crossed it because of their celebrity, who they were attacking and by using their phantom god as the justification for their persecution of others.


Wendy Wonder

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