University kicks off Easter festivities

By Ilia L. Likou ,

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PRAISE: The choir sings ‘Our Father who art in Heaven.’

PRAISE: The choir sings ‘Our Father who art in Heaven.’

The National University of Samoa kicked off the Easter festivities with an early Easter concert at the All Saints Anglican Church last night.

The concert was based on the poem written by James Francis called,  ‘One solitary Life 2016 Concert’.

 “The poem that we’re going to perform in various numbers reflects the life of Jesus Christ when He was on earth, His crucifixion right until the end of His work on earth,” said Music Coordinator, Rossavitti Solomona. “This is the third year that we have performed live in front of different audiences and we hope to continue this in the future during this time of Easter. The poem is about a man born in an obscure village.

It told the story of a child of a peasant woman, who worked in a carpenter shop until he was thirty and then for three years, he became an itinerant preacher.

“He never wrote a book, He never held an office, He never owned a home, He never had a family, He never put his foot in a city, He never travelled two hundred miles from the place He was born, He never did a thing that contemporary society consider a sign of greatness.” But he was the greatest.

The concert conductors were Susau Solomona and Andrew Tuigamala with accompanists, Philton Solomona, Cherui Wright, Rosavitti Solomona, Faofao Demont and Apa Ta’avao.

Apa Ta’avao (flute), Christine Tiupita (Alto) and Philton Solomona (piano) also  featured in the performance.

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