A winner and a burden

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Dear Editor,


Our Faipule won the seat of our constituency in the election. He was so excited about it and may be his excitement was over the moon or way beyond the moon. As part of that high note feeling he asked his constituency to give $10, 000 for his O’O or MOMOLI to the H.R.P.P. Camp. 

When our village council received the demanding request from our new Faipule, a crippled old matai came around to inform the whole village to collect the money for the sake of his MOMOLI. 

Different reactions came from our matais, some totally refused to give , some gave but the majority disagreed and  said, “he’s been there for a long time but nothing has been done yet for our constituency but now asking for ten thousand tala for his MOMOLI”. 

The majority of our village matais disagreed with that but the good news was, they ended up donating the requested amount to our Faipule. Our village council is now predicting more burdens coming our way instead of blessings. So sad.


Aikman T. Fiasaolotolavaitanei

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