Photo shoot bad taste

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Re: Samoa skincare range eyes global market 

When I first saw this article I thought, how wonderful a natural cosmetic line coming out of Samoa and coconut oil based. 

I then went to the website where I became very disappointed.

I was appalled that that the owner did photo shoots dressed in all white attire that was appropriate for a night time gala while in a coconut oil field facility with workers who are not as well to do as herself and it smacked of class distinction. It made me feel as if she was slapping these workers in the face with her well to do appearance, while they humbly served her. 

She should have dressed in customary clothes while out in the field and saved her inappropriate attire for a night time cocktail party. 

Whoever thought up this photo shoot should be fired. It was very poor taste and it sends out a bad message.



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