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Lefau Harry Schuster.

Lefau Harry Schuster.

Vaimauga West’s Member of Parliament, Lefau Harry Schuster, wants to enhance the development of education in Samoa.

To do that, he believes the government should ensure the quality of education is consistent throughout the entire country. That goes for Savai’i, Manono, Apolima and Upolu.

In fact, according to Lefau, should the Tautua Samoa Party win the General Elections, their goal in terms of education is for everyone to have the same opportunities.

“The private schools are snapping up all the good teachers because they are being offered better pay,” Lefau said.

The Member of Parliament said this is very sad because all the schools should be the same.  

“What we want is to have the same standard all over Samoa so that you’ll not only have the opportunity (for an education), but you’ll also have the chance at a quality education.”

A lawyer by profession, Lefau said every child in Samoa deserves to go to school.

“We are not a rich country in terms of gold, oil and the like,” he said. “But what we do have in abundance is the abilities and talents of our people. The way to equip them is through education.

“There is a lot of work that needs to be done when it comes to teachers. We don’t have enough teachers. 

“According to the report from the Education Department and the National University of Samoa, we are very weak when it comes to Maths and Science. We need to change that.”

And there is more, according to Lefau.

“Our children are very talented,” he said. “Some are talented academically while others are talented in sports. We should be providing these students with opportunities to develop their talents overseas.”

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