We’re paying for their lifestyles

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Dear Editor,


Re: Tavita Taei

I am sure that you are content with nothing. You probably having difficulty in providing for your family. If you are not, great. 

But think of what you can have with great confidence of having a good paying job rather than having the H.R.P.P living high on the hog on your account.

If that does not change your mind, then, getting the toeaiga (left overs) to feed your family is better than nothing. 

The Prime Minister Tuilaepa and his H.R.P.P party members are living in mansions that you are paying for it. If you look at all of them when they first enter parliament, they live in either faleapa or faletele. 

Now they all own multi level homes at the cost of at least T$1,000,000.00. 

When you compare it to their salary from being a faipule, it does not add up. 

The H.R.P.P members are given loans for their homes and for their businesses guaranteed by the government. This good old boys club must stop. 



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