$5.7million not enough, says P.M.

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Dear Editor

I anticipate more airlines flying into Samoa. It won’t be as many as Fiji because Fiji is just a much larger market and has more first class hotels than Samoa, but it will be sufficient for Samoa’s growth in tourism.

You’re living off one interview for 60 minutes, but the increasing tourism numbers in the past 12 months shows that some real ground work has been done. Further groundwork is going to be done into the future and part of that is to take the competition to the monopolistic crooks at Air New Zealand.

The 40% that Qantas owns of Fiji Airways is a carryover from the Air Pacific days. That is a good model to follow. Samoa also has shares in Fiji Airways as another carryover of the Air Pacific days.

Any resurrection of Polynesian Airlines should follow a model where a foreign airline owns a large percentage of it to share costs (preferably a direct competitor to Air New Zealand).

PS Jeffery

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