Totally irresponsible

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Dear Editor,

With the ongoing violence between friends, husbands and wives that is in the Courts attributed to drinking, why on earth is a new alcoholic Product being released to the Public with an eight percent alcohol content.  

It is in my opinion, totally irresponsible and with the name applied to it, really shows that the manufacturer doesn’t care about anything thing except the Company turnover.  

To add to the hypocrisy, at the end of the advertisement, they have the audacity to say, “enjoy responsibly”.

Some forty years ago in Australia, the standard level of alcohol in beer was some 3.9%.  

For some reason it has now gone up to 4.9% as it is here!

This was fine with the average drinker and we could enjoy more beer without getting smashed as far as the manufacturer was concerned, they achieved a higher turnover as more was consumed and with a lesser chance of people becoming paralytic.  

I cannot understand why the Government (Health Dept and Victim Support Group) hasn’t stepped in here with a few pertinent comments.  

The Police department really ought to get into the act as well as this can only push up the drink driving and accident rate.  Complete irresponsibility!

But who cares 


Charlie Mansfield 

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