You’re strangling the industry

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Re: Govt. drops Virgin 

The government of Samoa removing Virgin Airlines is a massive low blow to the tourism industry in Samoa. 

The tourism industry in Samoa desperately needs as many airlines as possible to fly tourists in from overseas. 

I thought economics was never about emotions but always about the choices and alternatives. 

So is there a better alternative for the tourist industry in Samoa?

If the P.M. thinks that it is better yet more expensive for a new airline then he hasn’t learnt his lesson over the past 30 years. 

I think the tourism industry and airline industry in Samoa should be privatised therefore without any government interference. 

This privatisation of the tourist and airline market in Samoa will cause a massive explosion in the number of tourists and finance. 

The P.M. and government of Samoa is strangling the tourist industry and airline business to death.


Keith Alderson

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