The bridge at Leone

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Dear Editor,


The wait for residents of Leone is typical. That’s the H.R.P.P for you. 

The people keep voting them into office and expect changes. 

This bridge should’ve been a priority for the government. 

It is one of the main access roads to town. 

Whenever a main infrastructure access is damaged, it impacts the economy. That is economy 101.

I would also like to know if this is a repair or rebuilt. 

In my opinion, this bridge needs to be demolished in its entirety and rebuilt to new standards. It needs tie back to at least 90 CM on both ends. 

I would also like to know what type of materials that will be specified. 

The bridge needs to withstand any amount of water pressure flow. Perhaps raise the bridge.

The government needs to ensure the bridge is built to last for generations to come and not repair it after every cyclone. 

Hiring a competent contractor will be a good start.


T. Samatua

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