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Re: LTRA protest 

A worthy protest against the Feudalisation Torrens system but the Torrens system was meant to simplify the myriad of land tenure claims by Proprietary claimants. 

Some of the customary land claimants, are sourced from dubious and fraudulent backgrounds, and would submit dubious and fraudulent Proprietary claims. 

The Proprietary (the landed Gentry (Feudalism revisited)) would control the granting of Easement to customary land and have sole proprietorship over approvals of Easement upon their alloted customary land. 

In this sense, the Torrens System of Proprietorship, (The Land Lord, or the Lord of the Manor), is superior to the current Lands and Titles system. 

But, the problem is the exclusion of non-signatories of Proprietorship whom will be excluded indefinitely from customary land claims now and forever through the present LTRA 2008 legislation. 

In this instance you would argue on behalf of the non-signatories of Proprietorship of the respective customary lands and SSIG will have a legitimate political protest of this exclusion for non-Proprietorship of respective Customary lands.


Timoteo Tufuga

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